FintechOS Platform

April 3rd, 2023

This release includes performance upgrades for the anonymous frontends, a new Client SDK function to load custom style sheets, improvements on digital solution packages, bug fixes, and security improvements.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.R3 Update Pack 2 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

Breaking Changes

Starting with Innovation Studio 22.1.5, invariant dates are immutable. Refactoring is required in order to update the addDays, addMonths and addYears methods values.

What's New

Anonymous Frontends Performance Upgrades

We improved the performance of anonymous frontends by removing duplicate or redundant calls and files, minifying style sheets, and optimizing the source map generation.

You can now also cache resources for your unauthenticated flows at the reverse proxy level. For more information, see the FintechOS Studio User Guide.

Load Custom Style Sheets via Client SDK

The new ebs.injectStyleAsync Client SDK function allows you to load and apply a custom style sheet by referencing its URL (relative or absolute).

Retry Logic for API Calls

The new HttpRetryCounts and HttpRetryInitialDelaySeconds configuration keys allow you to configure retry attempts for API requests that failed with a 5xx or 408 status code. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

Shared Access to Uploaded Files

You can now use the FileEntry entity to provide a user with access to files that were uploaded by somebody else, but haven't been associated to an entity record yet. For more information, see the FintechOS Studio User Guide.

Retrieve HTTP Request Headers from Client Calls

The server.request.headers property has been added to the Server SDK, allowing you to retrieve in your server automation scripts the HTTP request headers sent by the client calling the workflow.

JQueryUI Upgrade

This release adds support for JQueryUI 1.13.2.

Digital Solutions Versioning

Versioning has been added to digital solutions to enhance traceability when creating digital solution packages.

Debugging for business workflow custom scripts

Besides server side scripts, you can now also use the debugger for business workflow transition custom scripts. For more details, check the FintechOS Studio User Guide.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
n/a The host user had no first and last name. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue where 'ebs.generateForm' did not work for App Data Forms; form inputs appeared like {inputName}. Innovation Studio
n/a When re-importing digital solution packages, some of the unmodified customization items were not skipped from the import. FintechOS Studio
n/a The button for starting the debugging server was sometimes displayed twice. FintechOS Portal
n/a Fixed some issues that caused the Web APIs to behave unexpectedly when using the ES6 JavaScript engine. FintechOS Studio
n/a Sometimes, when changing the data type for a report parameter from Date to Date Time, the field was no longer displayed in the report.


11799, 21926 Anonymous frontends portal icons sometimes did not display correctly when the browser console was open. FintechOS Portal
17179 Fixed an issue that caused localization failures on the FintechOS Portal. FintechOS Portal
20200 Sometimes, business formulas did not process correctly input parameters of type invariant date. FintechOS Studio
21931 Fixed an issue where Tooltips had no CSS style on B2C environments. FintechOS Portal