FintechOS Platform 22.1.1

July 7th, 2022

This release includes bug fixes and security updates, as well as improvements for configuration items, formulas, user migration tool, and multi-factor authentication.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.R2 Update Pack 1 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

What's New

User migration tool improvements

The automatic user migration tool, which facilitates user accounts and roles migration from legacy systems to the FintechOS Identity Provider, now has the following improvements:

  • A test run capability has been added, which simulates the migration and allows you to check and fix any errors prior to the actual migration.
  • The tool no longer requires credentials for a FintechOS Identity Provider user account with realm management role. Instead, it connects to the identity provider with the client ID set up in the FintechOS Identity Provider for the Innovation Studio.

For more information, see the Administration Guide.

SMS/Email multi-factor authentication

You can now use any SMS or email service provider supported by service pipes to send one-time passwords for your multi-factor authentication flows. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

New validations for formulas

The formula start date is now validated both at import as well as when creating a new version of a formula. For more details, check the Define Formulas documentation page.

New configuration items

New configuration items types have been added to customize your digital assets so that they better fit your needs. You now have access to the following additional configuration items:

  • Action Authorization Type
  • Anonymous Frontends
  • Entity Unique Constraint
  • Schedule Job
  • Schedule Service.

Check the Innovation Studio User Guide for a detailed list of the configuration items types.

Delete capability for formula drafts

Formulas and Business Data Sets versions with the Draft status can now be deleted by navigating to the History tab of each functionality.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
n/a If a flow control rule evaluated a lookup attribute using the ‘equals’ operator, the wrong step was returned. Innovation Studio
n/a When updating an existing package, the import of a Digital Solution Package threw an error message. Innovation Studio
n/a When exporting reports that have "Report Parameters" added, "Nullable object must have a value" error was thrown, and the export could not be completed. Innovation Studio
378 Fixed an issue that caused the data list import to show an error message and duplicate a record when imported. Innovation Studio
n/a When deleting records from entities, the number of deleted records was not displayed. Innovation Portal
n/a Fixed an issue where buttons were missing when the user attempted to edit an existing record of a lookup value. Innovation Portal
n/a When the session expired in Innovation Studio, the user was redirected to log in a page with the error “Server Error in '/studio' Application.” Innovation Studio
n/a The Previous button did not work when moving between the steps of different Form Driven Flows that were joined by flow control rules. Innovation Studio
1696 When creating a System User, the First Name field was not displayed as mandatory. Innovation Studio
n/a The new languages added in Application Languages were not displayed. Innovation Portal
1177 Inserting a link into a Digital Document and adding a token notation in it caused the token notation to be converted and the token could not be used when saving the document. Innovation Studio
2783 In a B2C environment, using the 'ebs.setJourneyContext' in the AfterEvents tab of the first flow used to trigger a CLR exception error. Innovation Studio
n/a When attempting to delete a user, an error message was displayed. Innovation Studio