Pet Name

There are cases when customers own more than one pet and they might seek to cover each one of them. For these cases, without being limited to them, this particular screen allows the pet owner to insert the pet name in order to get a quotation for the chosen pet. This is also the place where the pet owner indicates the pet type - dog or cat. Besides that, the role of this step is to also sort out whether the customer is seeking insurance for an existing pet or for a pet that is going to be purchased. For this step, the values inserted by the user are stored in the Pet entity.

From here:

  • When the user presses Continue, the application saves the pet name. Next, it displays the Pet Scan screen.

  • If the user taps the Tell us about your next best friend text area, the Next Best Friend screen is displayed.

Below is an example of the Pet Name screen:

Pet Name screen

For more configurations, consult also the Digital Journey Settings page.