More Pet Details

This screen displays a series of input fields that collect details about pet's date of birth and gender. Based on the details inserted by the pet owner the Pet Insurance Quote & Buy solution establishes - in line with certain assumptions and parameters for pet rating, whether the pet is eligible for cover or not. This underwriting process is completely automated. For the rating values that are used on the Pet Insurance Quote & Buy product level, consult the Pet Rating pages. For this step, the values inserted by the user are stored in the Pet entity.

From here: When the user taps Continue, the Quote screen is displayed OR, based on rating results, the Unable To Quote screen is displayed.

More Pet Details screen:

For details about the default UI style components used for creating the journey, consult the UI Style Components list on the Customer Journey page.

Below is an example of the More Pet Details screen:

More Pet Details screen

For more configurations, consult also the Digital Journey Settings page.