Operational Ledger

Operational Ledger logs, along with a company’s financial transactions, details that enable the system to build ledger entries, allowing you to
aggregate financial data in a single source of truth for your analysis, reports, or financial statements.


User Guide

Detailed instructions for using Operational Ledger.

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Installation Instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to install Operational Ledger.


Feature Highlights


Read about what Operational Ledger is and what are its uses.


Read about the configurations that must be performed to set up Operational Ledger.


Learn about the menus that help you manage transactions and customize transaction values.

Operational Ledger SDK

See details about the server automation scripts implemented to generate accounting entries in Operational Ledger.

Transaction Type

Learn about the menu that holds the accounting model and the item configuration. This is used for inserting the financial data transactions.

Legal Entity

Read how to create legal entities for your accounting system.