Company Search


The FintechOS Dun and Bradstreet Connector offers the possibility of searching databases for company information by using DUNS numbers. Financial institutions can add the connector to a digital journey and retrieve the needed information from public records. This functionality helps speed up onboarding processes and provides easy access to specific information.

DUNS numbers are unique nine-digit identifiers for companies. A DUNS number is assigned to differentiate between the registered businesses from the Dun and Bradstreet Data Cloud. Often, these numbers are used by lenders or business partners to indicate the financial reliability or stability of a certain business.
The below walkthrough is a proposition on how to use the FintechOSDun and Bradstreet Connector in a digital journey to search for accurate address data.

Follow the below steps to access and retrieve information using this connector.

1 Access Dun and Bradstreet Connector

1. Log into the FintechOS Portal using the given credentials.

2. Log into the Dun and Bradstreet platform with the credentials provided by them.

The name, and password are obtained from Dun and Bradstreet once an account is created. Additional information can be found on the Installation page.

2. From the FintechOS Portal main menu expand the Connectors menu and click Dun and Bradstreet.

3. Select DUNS Search. The FTOS_EXTD_DUNS_Search List page opens.

4. At the top-right corner of the screen, click the Insert button. The Edit DUNS Search - 01. Select Method page opens.

2 Select a Search Method

Select a method from the following options:


  • DUNS Lookup - to locate and retrieve general company data. For more information see the Company Lookup page.

  • DUNS Company Profile - to retrieve the company's profile and such as executive names and titles, financial situations, number of employees, and so on. For more information, see the Company Profile page.

  • DUNS Corp Linkage - to retrieve direct line entities between the requested company and the global ultimate, for example the upward family tree. For more information, see the Corporate Linkage page.