Localization Resources

By default, FintechOS Studio includes ro-RO and en-EN localizations for the generic UI elements, such as fields (password, username, etc.), buttons (Save and reload, OK, Delete), and others.

This section describes how to add a new localization resource, view the list of generic language resources, and how to localize them.

Localize Language Resources

To view the list of UI generic resources, go to Main Menu > Admin > Localization Resources. The list displays all UI localization resources sorted automatically by module, key and culture.

The Value field supports inline editing, so you do not have to open each record to edit it. To easily localize the UI resources, click the Value field corresponding to the resource to be localized and type in the localized text.

Export-Import Localization Resources between FintechOS Studio Instances

To exchange localizations between FintechOS Studio instances, you need to export the localization resources from the source instance and import them in the target instance:

  1. On the source FintechOS Studio instance, go to Main Menu, click Admin > Localization Resources.
  2. Click Export and select Export Data set. All localizable resources within the list are exported to an Excel file. For details, see Data Exports.
  3. On the destination FintechOS Studio instance, use the Data Import Templates feature to set up an import template for the LocalizationResource entity.
  4. Use the template to import the Excel data set file.