Creating Digital Assets

As a prerequisite, a user needs to have the security role Developer in order to be able to set the digital asset as context. Without this role, a user can create a digital asset, but cannot use a digital asset as context. For details, see Security Roles.

To create a new digital asset, you can either:

  • Click Create new Digital Asset in the Innovation Studio home page.
  • Open the Innovation Studio main menu, select the menu entry Configuration Management, click the child menu item labeled Digital Asset, and click the Insert button at the top right corner of the screen.

Both methods open the section tabs labeled General and Dependencies.

In the General window, fill in the following fields:

Field Description
Code Insert an identification code for the digital asset.
Name Insert a suggestive name for the asset.
Description Insert a description for the asset.
Type Select a type from the drop-down.
Version This field is automatically set and updated when locking/unlocking the digital asset. For more information, see Locking and Unlocking Digital Assets.
Status This field is read-only. The status is automatically Unblocked.

Click the Dependencies tab. From the drop-down list, select the Minimum Platform Version with witch the digital asset is compatible with. Once selected, the digital asset cannot be imported in a prior version of the FintechOS platform.

Click Save and reload at the top right corner of the screen. The Digital asset has been created. The second dependency available could be a dependency on another digital asset. For details, see Editing Digital Assets.