FintechOS Platform 22.1.2

August 8th, 2022

This release includes improvements, security updates, and bug fixes.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.S Update Pack 1 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

Operation Authorization Improvements

The requestOperationAuthorization Server SDK function has been extended to support custom telephone numbers. Use this to send one-time-passwords to telephone numbers which are different from the user account’s default telephone number.

The new authorizeOperation Server SDK function allows you to directly control the authorization process and set up custom authorization pages or authorization automations.

Simplified Service Pipes Authorization

You now have the option to tag Web API Client Libraries that are used for service pipes. This will automatically handle service pipes authorization and eliminate the need to manually add authorization code in your server automation scripts. For more information, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

IVR Support in Multi-Factor Authentication

Your multi-factor authentication flows can now use any telephone service provider supported in Service Pipes to send one-time passwords via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messages. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
n/a The import of a package that contains a simple endpoint fails. When looking for the endpoint in Innovation Studio, the "Unexpected error occurred" error message is displayed. Innovation Studio
1030 Fixed an error that caused translation issues for confirmation messages, generic messages, calendar control messages, and for UI designer elements on form driven flows such as buttons. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue where the "Export" button was missing when the user attempted to export a simple grid report in the Portal. Innovation Portal
n/a When trying to generate the definition for custom parameters with array values, using “Generate JSON schema“, the "items" property was generated as an array, instead of a JSON object. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue where adding a Data Set Value to a resource-type Digital Asset set as context, would return an error message. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue that caused a session expiration to return an Internal Server Error, instead of redirecting to the log-off screen. Innovation Studio
n/a Using the 'callReport' function to call a Report containing a Digital Document of Entity data source type, was returning an error. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an issue that prevented an Option Set attribute created in the context of a data model type Digital Asset to appear in the Configuration Items list - or to be added, if created outside the Digital Asset context. Innovation Studio