FintechOS Platform

April 20th, 2022

This release includes security updates, bug fixes, and reports improvements.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.w Update Pack 2 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.


New .XLSX Report Render Format

The option to generate .xlsx report document types (report render format) has been added when creating a Simple Grid or a Document report. For more information on reports, see the Innovation Studio User Guide.

Service Account for FintechOS Identity Provider

The FintechOS Identity Provider now uses a service account setup for Innovation Studio and FintechOS Portal instead of a user account, ensuring a more robust connectivity. For instance, if a password policy enforces password expiration intervals, Innovation Studio and FintechOS Portal instances will not lose authentication capabilities on the expiration date.

For more information about the FintechOS Identity Provider, see the Administration Guide.

Restrict Access to Innovation Studio Based on User Roles

You can now use the StudioUser security role to allow or prevent users from logging in to Innovation Studio. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
#971 In a form driven flow, the lookup attributes were not displayed between the /main#/ section of the URL. FintechOS Portal
#839 Fixed an issue that caused the login page to display incorrectly the character position numbers when using random character password authentication. FintechOS Portal
#740 The After Events tab in a form driven flow could not be edited after refreshing the browser window. Innovation Studio
#944 Fixed an issue that caused the localization resources to not display the values for HTML Widgets properly. FintechOS Portal
#223, #544 Fixed an issue that caused the configuration data deployment packages to export slowly. Innovation Studio
#1566 When adding a custom journey as a menu item, the custom journey drop-down list did not display the available custom journeys. Innovation Studio
n/a When attempting to reuse a previous password the FintechOS Identity Provider prevented the password update, but a confirmation message was displayed claiming that the password was changed successfully. Innovation Studio

Known Issues

Summary Module
On laptops with 125% scaling, the following occurs:
  • when opening the export menu and switching to Export as CSV, the scroll bar overlaps the boxes on the right hand side of this menu;
  • for a menu or entity with a grid view, when selecting Export as CSV, scrolling down to the style conversion drop-downs after selecting Use local format, and changing one of the styles to another option, the menu scrolls to the top automatically.
Innovation Studio and Portal