Pet Scan Results

This step aims to help the parties - insurer and insured, to be on the same side, since correctly specifying the pet breed is required in order to produce a correctly priced quote. By this step, the Pet Insurance Quote & Buy solution already handled the verification of the provided pet image against a pet image database. As a result of the comparison, the solution returns a name for the pet breed. The screen allows the pet owner to either confirm or invalidate the breed name on display. For this step, the values inserted by the user are stored in the Pet entity.

From here:

  • When the user taps Yes, indicating that the breed is correct, the Breed Character page is displayed.

  • When the user taps No, indicating that the breed is incorrect, the Manual Pet Details page is displayed.


For details about the default UI style components used for creating the journey, consult the UI Style Components list on the Customer Journey page.

Below is an example of the Pet Scan Results screen:

Pet Scan Results screen

For more configurations, consult also the Digital Journey Settings page.