Server Automation Scripts and Libraries

Within Innovation Studio, there are bits of code that execute several actions, which embody a business need such as: filtering products, saving session storage, returning products and setting amounts or periods. On-demand automation scripts are available for being called from any object or context.


It is the client library where the scoring values are hard-coded, the customer data and the configurations for the Select a payment method side panel are. It also calls the script FTOS_BNPL_SaveCustomerLimit and the script FTOS_EC_CreateOrder, FTOS_BNPL_AddBNPLApplication, FTOS_EC_GetUserShoppingCart and FTOS_EC_UpdateCartItemQuantity.


The server library named FTOS_BNPLHelper gets the records from FTOS_BP_BankingProduct with the status VWApproved and it also gets the payments scheduled type for each banking product. It contains the scripts:

  • FTOS_BNPL_GetAvailableProducts
  • FTOS_BNPL_SimulateOfferSummary
  • FTOS_BNPL_UpdateBNPLApplication.

Server Automation Scripts are:

  • FTOS_BNKAP_AuthenticateUser
  • FTOS_BNKAP_BNPLUpdatePaymentDetails
  • FTOS_BNPL_ActivateContract
  • FTOS_BNPL_AddBNPLApplication
  • FTOS_BNPL_BCInsert
  • FTOS_BNPL_CalcScoringAndLimit
  • FTOS_BNPL_ChangeLoanApplicationStatus
  • FTOS_BNPL_CreateMerchantBankAccount
  • FTOS_BNPL_CreateSystemUser
  • FTOS_BNPL_GetAvailableProducts
  • FTOS_BNPL_GetBNPLApplicationLink
  • FTOS_BNPL_GetMerchantBankAccount
  • FTOS_BNPL_GetRiskLevel
  • FTOS_BNPL_GetSavedCards
  • FTOS_BNPL_GoToShop
  • FTOS_BNPL_Risk_CalcScoringAndLimit
  • FTOS_BNPL_RunFinancialCalculation
  • FTOS_BNPL_SaveCard
  • FTOS_BNPL_SaveContract
  • FTOS_BNPL_SaveCustomerLimit
  • FTOS_BNPL_SaveEarlyRepayment
  • FTOS_BNPL_SimulateOfferSummary
  • FTOS_BNPL_UpdateBNPLApplication
  • FTOS_BNPL_UpdateContract
  • FTOS_BNPL_UpdateFinancialData
  • FTOS_BNPL_VerifySistemUserEmail.