View the API Interrogation History

The Insurance Product Factory allows you to consult the API interrogations history for your insurance products, in FintechOS Studio. The solution stores all the API requests and their corresponding responses for the following APIs:

The following types of product data are available in the Product Interrogation History:

  • Prices requests including from multiple proposals, or multiple cards, and their results broken down on each formula step;

  • Underwriting decision results, broken down on each formula step.

The Product Interrogation History section is automatically updated, and you cannot add or delete records. The history of product interrogations is only available if the system parameter Product Interogation History Enablelog value is set to 1.

To view the Product Interrogation History List, navigate the main menu to Product Factory > Product Configurator > Product Interrogation History. The existing records are displayed in a grid, as per below:

Product Interrogation History page