Premium Amount API

Use this API to get premium calculation results, such as:

  • the premium amount for an insurance product (total premium amount),

  • the premium amount for different product items (coverages) included in an insurance product,

  • the premium amounts for each coverage, based on the premium coverage split percentages defined at the product level,

  • the price result that was valid at a certain date, for a specified insurance product, or product item (coverage).


Starting with the 4.6.0 release, this API is compatible with the OpenAPI v3.0 standard.

The Premium Amount API endpoint runs the premium calculation formulas assigned to each product, or product item (coverage), simulating the Test Scenario functionality - available for users in FintechOS Studio.

The results are in line with the Tariff Type set at the product level. An insurance product can have the tariff type set either to perProduct or perCoverage.

For a valid API request, include all the formula Input Keys expected by the Business Formulas engine (see below). When needed, use the Validity Date key to get the price result that was valid at that date, for the specified product, or product item (coverage).

All the requests through this API and their responses can be saved into the Product Interogation History entity. This action is available if the system parameter Product Interogation History Enablelog value is set to 1.