Hyper-personalization Automation

Businesses gather big amounts of information about customers’ life-cycle and online behavior. Therefore, the way the data is used for driving personalized customer experiences across the buying journey is important for achieving hyper-personalization.

The Hyper-psersonalization automation block allows you to leverage customer data to create personalized customer experiences. You can define innovative operating models, with banking and insurance products that are data-driven and personalized based on the customer context. In addition, you can create personalized content and business-tailored segments of audience (customer personas) to further create effective sales or administrative campaigns, and more meaningful interactions with customers, thus ensuring customer loyalty. Based on the customer persona, you can configure a digital journey to include personalized banking or insurance products and offers.

Furthermore, you can add multiple sets of data to your digital solutions (loan applications, quote applications, mortgage processing, etc.) through third party integrations or use data from internal systems.


  • Tailor content that fits each and every customer’s wants and needs;
  • Define customer personas;
  • Define audiences to use personalized content in omni-channel campaigns.