Menu Items

You can customize the menu displayed in the FintechOS Portal instances to include shortcuts to entity lists, custom forms, and reports. To better organize your menu, you can group multiple menu items into menu sections.

Create Menu Items

  1. In FintechOS Studio, go to Main Menu > Digital Experience > Digital Frontends > Menu Items.
  2. Click Insert.
  3. Fill in the following fields (depending on the type of menu item, some fields may not be available):
    • Type - The type of menu item
      Item TypeDescription
      EntityDisplays a view of a business entity.
      Custom JourneyOpens a custom flow.
      ReportDisplays a report.
      Menu SectionCreates a container menu item where you can group other menu items.
    • Business Entity (for Entity menu items) - Business entity that the menu item displays.
    • Custom Journey (for Custom Journey items) - Custom flow that the menu item displays.
    • Report (for Report items) - Report that the menu item displays.
    • Display Name - Name of the menu item as it is displayed in the user interface.
    • Parent Menu Item (for Entity, Custom Journey, and Report menu items) - If you have already created a menu section where you wish to include the menu item, you can select it here.
    • Entity View (for Entity menu items) - The entity view that is displayed when opening the menu item. If not filled in, the entity's default view is used.
    • Use Menu Display Name as View Title (for Entity menu items) - Overrides the entity view's display name with the menu item's display name when opening the menu item.
    • Insert Entity Form (for Entity menu items) - Entity form used to insert new entity records. If not filled in, the entity's default insert form is used.
    • Edit Entity Form (for Entity menu items) - Entity form used to edit entity records. If not filled in, the entity's default edit form is used.
    • Icon Url - Icon for the menu item.
    • Color (for Menu Section menu items) - Color for the menu section's items.
    • Disabled - Tick if you wish to remove the menu item without deleting it, for instance if you wish to disable it temporarily.
  4. Click Save and reload.
  5. If you wish the menu item to be available only for specific security roles, add them to the Security Roles grid. If the grid is left empty, any user is able to access the menu item.
  6. In Menu Section menu items, you can use the Menu Items Children grid to add new menu items to the section or to edit its existing menu items.

Manage Menu Items in Menu Sections

When creating an Entity, Custom Journey, or Report menu items, if you don't select a parent, the menu item displays at the first level of the menu. Once you assign a menu item to a menu section, you are no longer be able to access it from the menu items list. You must open its menu section and access it from the Menu Items Children grid.

You cannot return a menu item to the first menu level once it has been assigned to a menu section. You can only assign it to a different menu section by selecting a different parent for it.