Provide View General Information

The General tab allows you to provide a name for the new entity view and choose whether it is set as default view and also add a View button to all the view entries.

Property Description
Name The name of the view.
IsDefault If selected, current view will be displayed when users access the specific entity.
If you want to display on a data form a view that is not defined as default, add the view name as a token on the data form {#RelationshipName, view: viewName#.}. By doing so, the view specified by the token provided will be displayed on the entity data form instead of the default entity view.
ShowViewButton If selected, adds the View column on the entity view which contains a View button. When clicked, the link redirects the users to the details page of the specific record.
Digital Document ID (v21.2.2 or later) Digital document template to be used as a template if you wish to export the data view in PDF format. For more information, see the Digital Documents Processor documentation.

In order to define the view data, you should first provide the view general information and save the view by clicking the Save and reload icon.