Step 1. Insert key

To customize a digital experience portal using a specific portal profile, go to the web.config file and add the following setting:

<add key="core-setting-portal-profile" value="PortalProfile"/>

The <profile_name> value will filter the dashboards, system parameters and menu items in regard to this value.

Copy the Portal file that you have in the server or locally to create secondary Portal profiles to the same Innovation Studio and database. For example, the value is ''PortalProfile_Lighthouse''. Rename the file as the name of the secondary Portal profile as PortalProfile_Lighthouse and insert in the web.config file of the PortalProfile_Lighthouse the key containing the name PortalProfile_Lighthouse. If the core-setting-portal-profile app setting is missing or the value is empty or the profile name doesn't match any existing portal profiles, the functionality related to Portal Profiles will not be applied.