Form Driven Flows

Form driven flows provide you with the mechanisms to make seamless user experience across the entire digital journey. An ordered collection of components which address an entire need of a digital actor. It is a part of the FintechOS Digital Journey anatomy.

If properly created, they provide you with opportunities to address both your team’s and customers’ pain points.

It is a low-code steady stream of steps that an user goes through to achieve a goal. The way the actor gets from one place to another in a steady stream, i.e. process steps. It is the starting point to build a complex digital journey with several flows, a multitude of steps, sometimes collecting data about a client or an insured item to satisfy a business need.

For example, by using a digital journey, a banking representative may want to add a new customer which becomes connected to data sources. The added customer is visible to a set of related applications that expand customer’s business profile. The business profile is available for inspection and review as part of the customer information central hub.

This section covers the following topics: