UI Designer

The built-in UI Designer enables FintechOS engineers to easily add HTML structures containing attributes, relations, or predefined UI elements without writing code, all from the user interface.

The UI Designer is available in the following components:

Entity Attribute
Entity Form (entity and form driven flow) Template
Entity Form Step (entity and form driven flow) Template
Custom Form (custom flow) Template
Widget Html

You can access the UI Designer, as follows:

  • For entity forms, entity form steps, and custom flows, from the UI tab, by clicking UI Designer from the HTML Editor toolbar,
  • For Widgets, from the Code tab of the Digital Frontends section to the Digital Experience Portals to the menu item Widget.

When using the UI Designer on custom flows and widgets, it will have only one section, HTML.

You can also access it from an HTML field when inserting or editing entity records, but only with limited functionality. Using the UI Designer when inserting or editing records, you will not be able to:
  • Change or remove attributes and relations
  • Configure relations
  • Add automation scripts to UI elements
  • No automatically generated on click events after adding UI elements

The UI Designer contains two panels, as follows:

  • the left panel contains the components, data templates and containers
  • the right panel opens the settings of an element selected for the left panel.