December 2nd, 2021

This DCS Services update brings a couple of new email providers, improves OCR for several new types of IDs, introduced signature verification, the possibility to collaborate in video sessions with the help of co-browsing, as well as fixing various issues.

What's New


Co-browsing (also known as collaborative browsing) is a technology that allows peer-to-peer communication between two browsers and delivers instant contextual communication. With co-browsing your customers and operators will interact with each other in real-time, streamlining an in-person experience. The operators will see the customers’ screen in real-time and they are able to easily guide customers remotely though forms, transactions, and processes by either highlighting on the customer’s screen or by taking control of the customer’s web session and performing actions on behalf of the customer (if allowed by the customer).

Find out more about co-browsing.

API Refactoring

The new DCS environments for testing and production now bring enhanced benefits to performance, uptime, consumption reporting, and disaster recovery solutions.

Sendinblue Email Provider

Sendinblue is an email provider which can be integrated in order to create and send designed campaigns ,such as newsletters and release announcement emails, create and send "triggered" emails such as order confirmations, password resets, and confirmation emails, and more.

Find out more about the Sendinblue email provider.

Vonage Proxy

It's now possible to use the Vonage EU proxy server when streaming your video calls.

OCR Improvements

The OCR services have been improved and are now able to retrieve information from Romanian vehicle registration documents, as well as the new Romanian electronic ID.

SDK Improvements

  • Updated OpenTok to v2.20

  • Updated Facetec to v 9.4

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
FSD-10084 The camera would remain open after using the closeCall() method. Video Streaming
N/A Fixed an issue which caused the play() request to be interrupted by the pause() request. Video Streaming
FSD-9775 Support for Long Term Validity information has been added to certSIGN signatures. certSIGN
FSD-9864 Support for the GetSessionInfo method has been added to the certSIGN SigningService service. certSIGN
FSD-10500 The client side video session would remain in a blank state if the rights to access the camera during a call were denied. SDK
N/A During an onboarding flow, the camera would not start from the preview step on Opera and Chrome. SDK
N/A Calling the uploadPhoto several times in a row would throw an exception. SDK
FSD-11400 Fixed an issue which caused recording files to take up considerable more disk space. SDK

Known Issues

Summary Module
Sessions can not be started by Custom Actions Co-Browsing
For RO Biometric ID cards, the V07 validation does not verify the expiry date. OCR
For RO Biometric ID cards, an exception is thrown if you click Upload on the second page requirement without selecting an image, or pressing cancel. OCR