Omnichannel Campaigns 22.1.0003

July 7th, 2022

This minor release of Omnichannel Campaigns comes with a few fixes for issues found in the previous package. You can find the documentation for this solution in the Omnichannel Campaigns user guide.

The install instructions for this update pack can be found on the Installing Omnichannel Campaigns v22.1.0003 page.

This is part of the FintechOS 22.R2 Update Pack 1 release. Please check the main release notes for more information.

Fixed Issues

Summary Module
Complete security permissions for the Registered Users role have been added. Omnichannel Campaigns
The Start Now button is now visible only when a multi-stage execution plan has an Approved business status. Omnichannel Campaigns
The recurrence schedule for a multi-stage execution plan used to not work properly. Omnichannel Campaigns