FintechOS Platform

December 8th, 2022

This release includes bug fixes and a new server SDK method.

What's New

Retrieve HTTP Request Headers from Client Calls

The server.request.headers property has been added to the Server SDK, allowing you to retrieve in your server automation scripts the HTTP request headers sent by the client calling the workflow.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
7929 Fixed an issue that caused the localization to not function properly. FintechOS Portal
5235/10406 The security roles changes do not take effect unless app services are restarted. FintechOS Portal

Known Issues

Summary Module

On laptops with 125% scaling, the following occurs:

  • when opening the export menu and switching to Export as CSV, the scroll bar overlaps the boxes on the right hand side of this menu;
  • for a menu or entity with a grid view, when selecting Export as CSV, scrolling down to the style conversion drop-downs after selecting Use local format, and changing one of the styles to another option, the menu scrolls to the top automatically.
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