FintechOS Platform

November 18th, 2022

This release includes operation authorization and Web API client library improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Operation Authorization Improvements

The requestOperationAuthorization Server SDK function has been extended to support custom telephone numbers. Use this to send one-time-passwords to telephone numbers which are different from the user account’s default telephone number.

The new authorizeOperation Server SDK function allows you to directly control the authorization process and set up custom authorization pages or authorization automations.

Authentication Modes for WSDL Web API Client Libraries

The Web API Client Library objects based on WSDL client libraries now support a .setTransportCredentialType method that allows you to set the authentication mode for library requests to: Basic, Certificate, Digest, InheritedFromHost, None, Ntlm, or Windows.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
n/a When displaying a dropdown built from a virtual attribute on a B2C portal, the dropdown loads slowly, lengthy items cannot be selected or retrieved, and page navigation is slow. The issue occurs on Responsive and iPhone 12 Pro in Chrome. FintechOS Portal
5395 Fixed an issue where an "Unauthorized - Membership error" message was displayed when trying to authenticate via Azure AD. FintechOS Portal
n/a Fixed an error that creates multiple records in the Message Queues List based on a single FTOS_CMB_Action entity. Innovation Studio
n/a Fixed an error that caused the import of a package that contains .msg files to fail. FintechOS Portal
4707 When attempting to call a WSDL interface using Web API client libraries, the connection could not be established. The issue has been addressed via the Authentication Modes for WSDL Web API Client Libraries enhancement. FintechOS Portal

Known Issues

Summary Module

On laptops with 125% scaling, the following occurs:

  • when opening the export menu and switching to Export as CSV, the scroll bar overlaps the boxes on the right hand side of this menu;
  • for a menu or entity with a grid view, when selecting Export as CSV, scrolling down to the style conversion drop-downs after selecting Use local format, and changing one of the styles to another option, the menu scrolls to the top automatically.
Innovation Studio and Portal