FintechOS Platform 21.1.7

August 26th, 2021

This release provides advanced Identity and Access Management features for FintechOS platform users and for accessing third party resources, and security improvements.

What's New

Support for JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication

You now have access to resources that use JWT token authentication. Register JWT authentication providers in the FintechOS platform to retrieve access tokens for the supported resources.

For information on how to register a JWT token authentication provider, see the FintechOS Platform Administration Guide.

For information on how to retrieve an access token from a registered JWT authentication provider, see the Server SDK Reference Guide.

Integration with Keycloak Single Sign-On

Keycloak authentication has been integrated with FintechOS, enabling users to log in with their Keycloak single sign-on credentials. For more information, see the FintechOS Platform Administration Guide.

Log Out or Force a Password Reset for a User Account

The server.identityProvider.forceRelogin and server.identityProvider.forcePasswordChangeAtLogin Server SDK functions allow you to log out the current user or force a password reset for a user account respectively. For more information, see the Server SDK Reference Guide.

Check if a User Account is Blocked

The server.user.IsLockedOut property indicates if the currently logged user is blocked or not. For more information, see the Server SDK Reference Guide.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
FSD-10664 The wrong value would be returned by a formula executed on a versioned data set. Innovation Studio


An exception was thrown when you clicked the Save and Reload button after inserting a new record to an entity. This happened on an environment with the sys-single-page-app-router = 1 and sys-compatibility-url-params-router = 0, and only when using Mozilla Firefox.

Innovation Studio

Known Issues

Summary Module
During the OCR process done with Computer Vision on a device with Andriod 11, the screen freezes after the photo is taken on screens smaller than 6 inches.

As a workaround, if the user scrolls on the screen so that the address bar is no longer visible, then the bug does not reproduce and they can advance to the next step.

In addition, use the following code snippet to eliminate the issue:
html, body {

    height: 100%;

#ebsContainer {

    height: 100%;

    overflow-y: auto;

.main-container {

    height: 100%;

    overflow-y: auto;
Innovation Studio and FintechOS Portal
Plugin assemblies must be copied and pasted in the PortalPluginStore\AddIns folder after import in FintechOS Studio in order to be functional. Innovation Studio
The Save Changes prompt does not appear when the Insert button is clicked. Innovation Studio and FintechOS Portal
Inline editing in views doesn’t work if the view columns are created with attribute aliases from the fetch. FintechOS Portal