FintechOS Platform

July 1st, 2021

This release comes with an upgrade to the Vue.js front end, improved error messages, as well as bug fixes.

What's New

Vue.js Upgrade

In this release, the Vue.js front end has been upgraded to version 2.6.11.

Improved Error Messages

The error messages displayed when the callAction, callActionByName, or callActionByNameAsync method is used with invalid parameters is now improved to display relevant information.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
FSD-8249 The list of previous OPT sign-in entries has been removed. FintechOS Studio
FSD-8269 The user was not immediately redirected to the login screen after the corresponding session token expired. FintechOS Studio
FSD-8833 You can now customize the webpage title displayed in the browser. See FintechOS Platform . FintechOS Studio
N/A Fixed an issue which called the statusChange method on every Insert command. FintechOS Studio
FSD-8269 The user was not properly redirected to the login page when the session expired. FintechOS Studio
FSD-7561 The user was not notified when they exceeded the maximum login attempts. FintechOS Studio
FSD-7907 The timeout for Computer Vision OCR session was calculated in milliseconds instead of seconds, causing the session to expire too soon. FintechOS Studio
N/A Inserting a record would sometimes also trigger the update on-demand server automation scripts. FintechOS Studio

Known Issues

Summary Module
During the OCR process done with Computer Vision on a device with Andriod 11, the screen freezes after the photo is taken on screens smaller than 6 inches.

As a workaround, if the user scrolls on the screen so that the address bar is no longer visible, then the bug does not reproduce and they can advance to the next step.

In addition, use the following code snippet to eliminate the issue:
html, body {

    height: 100%;

#ebsContainer {

    height: 100%;

    overflow-y: auto;

.main-container {

    height: 100%;

    overflow-y: auto;
FintechOS Studio and FintechOS Portal
Plugin assemblies must be copied and pasted in the PortalPluginStore\AddIns folder after import in FintechOS Studio in order to be functional. FintechOS Studio
The Save Changes prompt does not appear when the Insert button is clicked. FintechOS Studio and FintechOS Portal
Inline editing in views doesn’t work if the view columns are created with attribute aliases from the fetch. FintechOS Portal