FintechOS Platform 21.1.10

May 18th, 2022

This release includes some bug fixes and improvements for data export options for views and simple grid reports.

What's new

New option to insert barcode in document templates

You can now add in your document template a barcode image. For more details, check the CreateDocumentTemplate page.

Export Grid Views in PDF or CSV Format

In addition to Excel, you can now export data views as PDFs or CSVs (with custom formatting).

Export Simple Grid Reports in CSV Format

A new report render format has been added for simple grid reports which allows you to create CSV reports with custom formatting for headers, separators, dates, and text qualifiers.

New setting format for CSV export generator

The setting format for the CSV export generator has been modified. The First Row as Header, Column Separator, Text Qualifier are now displayed while the Use local format is toggled to true or false. The Date Time Format and Decimal Separator fields are now displayed only when the Use local format is toggled to false.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module
n/a When the sys-allow-multiple-BU-per-user parameter is set to 1, the login page for Portal displays an error message. FintechOS Portal
n/a When adding a shortcut widget for an entity, select for the edit/ insert form a data form that is not set as default. When accessing the widget in Portal, the form which is marked as default is used instead. FintechOS Portal
1197 After changing the password for a user and clicking Save and reload, or Save and close, an error message is displayed. Innovation Studio
53 Fixed an issue that caused the relation data template in the UI designer to not save the updates on the template. Innovation Studio
n/a When importing a digital asset that contains a form with field options added, the field option for the lookup attribute does not import. Innovation Studio
FSD-11423 The trace logs now store extra information on failed user login attempts using partial password authentication. Innovation Studio

Known Issues

Summary Module

On laptops with 125% scaling, the following occurs:

  • when opening the export menu and switching to Export as CSV, the scroll bar overlaps the boxes on the right hand side of this menu;
  • for a menu or entity with a grid view, when selecting Export as CSV, scrolling down to the style conversion drop-downs after selecting Use local format, and changing one of the styles to another option, the menu scrolls to the top automatically.
Innovation Studio and Portal