FintechOS Platform 20.1.14

June 23rd, 2021

This release introduces the function to convert PDF documents to the PDF/A standards, and addresses issues concerning Client and Server SDK functions.

What's new

Convert PDF to PDF/A

It is now possible to convert generated PDF documents to PDF/A-1a or PDF/A-1b standards. This is done through the following syntax:

function convertToPdfType(fileRealName: string, pdfType: string, newFileName: string): string;

Find out more about the convertToPdfType function.

Fixed Issues

No. Summary Module


PDF document output did not include PDF/A standards.

FintechOS Studio

N/A When called from an anonymous frontend, the formData.refreshBusinessStatus Client SDK method attempted to retrieve business workflow state information even when there was no business worlkflow status rendered.

FintechOS Studio

FSD-8465 The recycleFile Server SDK function sometimes did not function, generating a Jint CLR error instead.

FintechOS Studio

Known Issues

Summary Module
The replacement string font size parameter in the replaceTokens server side function is ignored.

FintechOS Studio

EL Pipes – Sometimes, when setting up connections that require TLS authentication, the following error message may be displayed: "Failure! You must enable TLS or login from the local machine to authenticate with this site.".
  1. Log in to your local server.
  2. Open the connections page of the CData Sync Admin Console in a web browser (http://localhost:8019/connections.rst).
  3. Set up the connection from the admin console.
FintechOS Studio
Accessing an entity with no default form displays a loading animation, with no error message. FintechOS Portal
Form Driven Flows – Virtual attributes are available in flow control rules expressions only after a Save & Reload. FintechOS Studio
The loading animation is displayed in FintechOS Portal when the user triggers imported code that doesn’t have ";" before the return statement. FintechOS Portal/Deployment Packages
Plugin assemblies must be copied and pasted in the PortalPluginStore\AddIns folder after import in FintechOS Studio in order to be functional. FintechOS Studio
The Save Changes prompt does not appear when the Insert button is clicked. FintechOS Studio and FintechOS Portal
Inline editing in views doesn’t work if the view columns are created with attribute aliases from the fetch. FintechOS Portal
Titles are displayed in dashboard widgets when the "Show Ttitle" option is disabled. FintechOS Portal
Views – Code before the return statement in the Fetch Object Expression must end with ";" when generating the view columns. Otherwise FintechOS Portal will crash when displaying the view. FintechOS Portal and FintechOS Studio

Before Importing on an environment, delete the records from VersionLockedEntities so that the import won’t fail in first import.

FintechOS Platform