System Digital Solution Packages Installation

The steps below describe how to perform both an automatic installation and a manual import of a FintechOS SysPack.

Depending on the FintechOS platform version that you want to install, make sure the correct SysPack type is applied:

  1. For standard FintechOS infrastructure installation use Standard Syspacks.
  2. For Professional/ Enterprise FintechOS infrastructure installation use the following SysPacks:
    1. Banking environments: Professional Banking SysPacks
    2. Insurance environments: Professional Insurance SysPacks
SysPacks are mutually exclusive. The platform installation requires only one SysPack type.

Below are the components for each FintechOS SysPack.

Package Description
01 FTOS DFP FTOS DFP Common Data Model
02 FTOS Content FTOS Content Templates
02 FTOS FTOS Foundation
02 FTOS Project FTOS Hyperpersonalization Processor Data Model
02 FTOS FTOS Versioning PreReq
03 FTOS Project FTOS Campaign Management Data Model
FTOS Project Cognitive Processor FTOS OCR and Onfido Processors Scripts
FTOS Project Cognitive Processor N/A
FTOS Project Data Governance Consent N/A
FTOS Project Data Governance Sensitive FTOS Data Governance Sensitive Data Management Data Model
FTOS Project Digital N/A
FTOS Project Esign FTOS Esign Processor Scripts
FTOS Project FTOS Integration Scripts
Details about each component are in their .zip packages.

For an automatic installation, follow the steps described in the SysPacks Automatic Installation section.

Starting with FintechOS Platform V20.2.9, the SysPack can be imported asynchronous. When importing the packages in an Azure environment, always use async syntax.


In order to install the SysPacks, you need the latest FintechOS platform version installed, with the database configured. For specific steps, see the Installation page.

When using FtosSysPackageDeployer with SQL Server Integrated Authentication make sure:
1. The Windows user running the above command has read/ write rights access to the FTOS database.
2. You run the command without the SQL username/ password parameters.

When using FtosSysPackageDeployer with SQL Server Build In Authentication make sure:
1. The login used has read/ write access to the FTOS database.
2. You run the above command with the SQL username/ parameters.

Pre-Installation Checklist

The SysPack has unique constraints on some of the standard entities like: FTOS_DFP_FlowSettings, FTOS_DFP_ProcessorSettings, FTOS_VersionSettings, FTOS_VersionSettingsItem, FTOS_EntityStatusSettings, FTOS_MKT_AudienceSegments, FTOS_MKT_Audience.

If you have already moved data using the Configuration Data Deployment Package menu, then you probably have already configured some unique constraints.

Before running the script, make sure you:

  1. Disable the constraints that you have created on your environment, allowing the system to create the new ones after the SysPacks are imported.
  2. Use the new Configuration Data Definitions imported with the SysPacks when you export the data.

Automatic Installation Steps

  1. Download the desired SySDigitalSolutionPackages compatible with you platform version from the Release Hub.
  2. Unzip the installation kits.
  3. Use FtosSysPackageDeployer to install the Syspack as follows:
    • Locate the FtosSysPackageDeployer in the unzipped FintechOS installation kit at the following location: <unzipped_install_archive>\Tools\FtosSysPkgDeployer.
    • Navigate to the location where you have unzipped the SysPack and copy the FtosSysPackageDeployer here. Let's call this location <pckg_deployer_dir>.
    • Open async install_SysPackDA.bat to edit and replace the parameters described in the install_SysPack.bat Parameters Explanation section, with your own values.
    • Right-click async install_SysPackDA.bat » Run as administrator.

Post-Installation Setup

After installing the .zip packages, access the 100_AfterImportManualCopy folder and follow the below steps:

  1. Add the following images to the Upload EBS folder <portal_EBS_folder> (the Portal with operator flow):
    1. <syspack_file_path>\100_AfterImportManualCopy \CopyToUploadEBS\emptyOCR.jpg
    2. <syspack_file_path>\100_AfterImportManualCopy\CopyToUploadEBS\emptyPhoto.png 
  2. Copy the following folders over the FintechOS Portal installation directory for every Portal with back-office or B2C installed.
    1. <syspack_file_path>\ 100_AfterImportManualCopy \FTOS Project Cognitive Processor Files\dcs-sdk-version\custom
    2. <syspack_file_path>\ 100_AfterImportManualCopy \FTOS Project Cognitive Processor Files\dcs-sdk-version\custom-on-demand
    3. Copy any other needed js files in the corresponding js folder.
    4. For Onfido, follow theiInstructions from the InstallGuideOCRWithOnfido v1.1 file.
For any other information about the steps performed and their result, check <pckg_deployer_dir>\Logs.

Manual Import Installation Steps

Follow the below steps if you choose to import the SysPack’s individual deployment packages by hand.

  1. Import the projects in SySDogitalSolutionPackages.Log into Innovation Studio and navigate to Configuration Management > Deployment> Digital Solution Packages,
  2. Click Import Digital Solution Package and select the zip packages in the order set by their names and import them one by one.

  3. Run the SQL scripts found in the folders that have a part of the name of the packages. For example 02 FTOS Foundation. zip and FTOS Foundation.

If you need to update certain packages from the SysPacks, import the .zip files for those packages and run the sql scripts from the folder.