File Upload Malware Scanning

To configure anti-malware scanning for file uploads, use the following web.config keys:

<add key="feature-upload-malware-detection" value="1"/>

<add key="feature-upload-malware-use-remote" value="1"/>

<add key="feature-upload-malware-endpoint" value="API endpoint"/>
<add key="feature-upload-malware-apikey" value="subscription-key"/>

<add key="feature-upload-malware-timeout" value="30"/>


Key Description
feature-upload-malware-detection Set to 1 to enable anti-malware scanning or 0 to disable it.
feature-upload-malware-use-remote Set to 1 to use a remote scan engine (see below) or 0 to use the local anti-malware engine.
Default: 0.
Currently, the Kaspersky Scan Engine is the only remote scan engine supported. Additional scan engines may be added in the future.
feature-upload-malware-endpoint API endpoint of the remote scan engine.
feature-upload-malware-apikey Subscription key for the remote scan engine.
feature-upload-malware-timeout Duration in minutes to wait for a response from the remote scan engine before rejecting the file.
Default: 30.