Lighthouse Solutions

Depending on the industry, FintechOS offers a number of modules that can be added on top of Innovation Studio for building banking and insurance products, creating digital journeys to offer to customers, and even managing customers in a core system.

Lighthouse is the code name for all FintechOS banking solutions, and it comprises of a number of offerings:

  • Core Banking, framework that can manage the major banking processes and configurations that support your banking products, such as limits, collateral, groups, or contracts.
  • Banking Product Factory, a capability that allows the definition of banking products, including current account, credit cards, mortgages, overdrafts, deposits and more. It also allows for creating filters to categorize banking products, establishing product hierarchies, and setting up payment schedule types and agreements. Products created with the Banking Product Factory can then be added to custom digital journeys.
  • Single Customer View (SME Banking), module for collecting, aggregating, and processing banking customers’ data for legal entities.
  • General Ledger, add-on for Core Banking for logging a company's financial transactions allowing you aggregate financial data in a single source of truth for your analysis, reports or financial statements.
  • Retail Loan Origination, common data model for building digital journeys.
  • Connectors, simple, data point connections to external Saas providers, that are used to enrich internal customer data to help in onboarding and risk decision scenarios.
  • Business Components, modular components consisting of one or more forms to be used in building digital journeys.
  • Banking Digital Journeys, a number of ready-made digital journeys are available in the Marketplace.