Customer Journeys

Customer journeys is the actual process that customers undertake when contracting products from banking or insurance companies. In the context of FintechOS, customer journeys are digital, and can be assisted or unassisted, the former meaning that with the use of automation blocks, customers can interact with bank officers for assistance while opening an account online, applying for a loan, or contracting any other product or service from a bank or insurance company.

A customer journey is comprised of a set of steps and decision points that guide customers through the process, carrying them from one step to another to achieve a goal such as onboarding, applying for a home policy or a life insurance. FintechOS customer journeys are founded on the Evolutive Data Core which organizes, manages and displays various data collected in a business process.

You can use Innovation Studio to customize how users interact with the digital journeys based on their needs and expectations. Innovation Studio provides you with the mechanisms to create a seamless user experience across the entire digital journey, such as:

  • group business-wise information in a logical and comprehensive manner;
  • take users through a wizard-like journey experience with steps and decision points;
  • define custom actions to be automatically performed on specific user action;
  • enhance user experience with the help of Automation Blocks that facilitate electronic signature, document generation, face recognition and video streaming, OCR for automatically scanning, gathering, and mapping data from IDs, and many more;
  • harvest the capabilities of business formulas within Innovation Studio to automatically calculate interest rates, borrowed amounts, commissions, fees, discounts, and incorporate limited-time offers personalized for each customer;
  • use Banking Product Factory or Insurance Product Factory capabilities to create multiple products and offer them in customer journeys based on industry.


FintechOS has made available a number of accelerators for banking and insurance industries.

Browse the following user guides for some of the customer journeys:

  • Mobile Retail Loan Origination: allows customers to apply for a loan and receive the loan remotely. It is an end-to-end, fully automated, self-service digital journey, available in an authenticated environment;
  • Goals Digital Savings - Online: allows you to create a goal and save money for it. By creating a savings account or a deposit, an existing customer can save money and receive an interest to further maximize the gains;
  • Mortgage Loan Origination (Assisted and Unassisted): covers the entire span of the process from customer application and eligibility verifications to decision in principle, property document collection, compliance verifications, detailed financial analysis, and property assessment.

For information on the types of digital journeys and how to create them in Innovation Studio, see the Innovation Studio documentation.