Automation Blocks

FintechOS Automation Blocks or Processors offer out-of-the-box enhancements for digital or customer journeys, such as digital signatures, face recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), video calling, customer segmentation, or product definition.

Innovation Studio comes with some built-in automation processors to help speed up the development of full fledged digital journeys that cover many banking and insurance industry needs. Automation processors can be implemented and configured by digital consultants, however, digital development skills come in handy for more complex journeys.

Data Collection and Validation

  • Computer Vision: automatically populate entity records in your FintechOS applications with text extracted from document scans or photos;

  • Face Recognition: enables liveness detection to validate an individual's identity. It uses machine learning to compare IDs, driving licenses, passports or pictures of such documents that were uploaded during the OCR process. This processor also comes with a selfie-check component that verifies the documents belong to the owner.

Assisted Processors

  • Video Streaming: automation processor provides a seamless experience for users and video call center operators, allowing them to have a secure conversation. It provides both the customer and the consultants a guided, predefined process to complete the customer identity verification and provide additional advisory.

Document Generation and Signature

  • Digital Documents Processor: automatically generate essential business documents, including customized contracts and agreements, by merging real-time data;

  • eSign Processor: electronically sign digital documents. It comes with image signature, disposable certificates (valid for 60 min), base64 signed files encoding, detailed audit trail, tracks the status of signature requests, envelope logs, and more.

Campaign Management

  • Hyper-Personalization Automation: automation processor for creating personalized content and business-tailored segments of audience, known as customer personas, for enabling campaigns and interactions with customers;

  • Omnichannel Campaigns: provides ways of interacting with the customer through automated personalized campaigns, the creation of unique emails for each individual, personalized communication with the customers base;

  • Omnichannel Communication Automation: allows for email delivery and real-time email events tracking directly from within Innovation Studio.

Business Workflows and Rules

  • Business Decisions Processor: defines evaluations, such as credit scores, product eligibility, insurance premiums, interest rates, to be used at various decision points in a digital journey. It relies on decision matrices that incorporate evaluation criteria for implementing complex decision modeling for business processes;

  • Business Workflows Processor: implements state machine computation modeling in digital journeys by defining states and state transitions for business entities.