Contact Validation

For security purposes, the email address and phone number must be validated against the two One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) codes sent in the previous step. Two different codes are sent, one to the email address and one to the phone number. Both are needed to complete the validation process.

The validation process is timed. A timer is displayed on the screen with the default values of 60 seconds for the text message to the phone number, and 120 seconds for the OTP code sent to the email address. Both timers start after you access the page. You have five retries.

For details on how the email and SMS validations were created, see Configuring the Flow Settings.

To change the email and phone number, click the Edit contact information or the back button to return to the previous screen.


The screen displays the message: We have sent two validation codes to ********312 and ******* Please fill out the forms below.

The first code sent is to the phone number provided. You have 60 seconds to fill it in. After you write it in the field, click anywhere outside the box to validate it. The timer stops and displays validated. If the code inserted was wrong, it does not stop the clock.

If the time expires, the button's label changes to Resend, and you can set the application to resend the codes on both the email address and the phone number. Afterward, the timer starts again. A toast message is displayed to inform that a new SMS was sent.

2 Email

After the SMS code was certified, insert the code received on your email address. After the email code was inserted and validated, click anywhere outside the field to validate.

If the wrong code has been inserted more than five times, you fail the validation and the flow ends. In this case, you must visit a branch to initiate the process.

To continue to the next step, the system automatically redirects you, if both codes were validated.