SME Mobile Lending

SME Mobile Lending allows customers to apply for a loan, and receive the answer from the financial institution within a few minutes.


User Guide

Detailed instructions for using SME Mobile Lending.

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What's New

Personalized Experience

Choose a product closer to your necessities by firstly calculating the interest rate. The solution filters between the existing products to find the best match for the needs any customer might have. It presents the products closer to the customer's needs.

Feature Highlights

Document Hub

Using automation processors, the system collects data by scanning documents about the SME and the company's representatives. The solution improves customer experience and shortens the time to identify the customer.

Integration with built-in Connectors

Using endpoints and API, the solution can connect to third-party platforms to retrieve data. The data is then analyzed by the system. We recommend the use of Companies House and Experian, however, depending on your requirements and localization other connectors are possible.

Applicant Data

Create hyper-personalized digital journeys and strategies to create tailored products, offers and communication to engage customers on their preferred touchpoint and provide relevant information to their needs, preferences and behavior.