Product Factory Configurations

This section details the default main product configurations according to the Product Factory layout. Make your choices and approve them.

Adding Your Version

When your product is already in active status - namely Approved, changing it may be done only by adding a new version. So, you are going to use the product versioning functionality to add those choices to your product.

Follow the details below for versioning your Pet Insurance product:

  • In FintechOS Studio, navigate down the main menu to Product Factory.
  • Click Insurance Products to open the Insurance Products List page.

  • From the list, select Pet Insurance and double-click it. Once opened, go to the top right corner of the screen, and press the Plus button to add a new version of the product. When in Version Draft status, your product is editable.

  • Use the available form to edit your product. (See details in the Adding Your Product Choices section, below.)

  • Once finished, go at the top left corner of the screen and use the Change Status option set to change the status of the version from Version Draft to Approved. After versioning, the product view opens and you can see your adjustments. You can also check the versioning log in the product's History tab.

Adding Your Product Choices

For more details about configuring and managing insurance products, consult also the Insurance Product Factory documentation.