Mortgage Loan Origination (Assisted and Unassisted) 21.1.2000

It covers the entire span of the process from customer application and eligibility verifications to decision in principle, property document collection, compliance verifications, detailed financial analysis, and property assessment.


User Guide

Detailed instructions for using Mortgage Loan Origination (Assisted and Unassisted).

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What's New

Video Depiction

Watch a short video of the process.

Feature Highlights


The Simulation step of the Mortgage Loan Origination (Assisted and Unassisted) digital journey is a business component configured to offer a simulation of the amount that the applicant intends to take out.


To increase the loan amount an applicant may add a co-borrower during the Mortgage Loan Origination (Assisted and Unassisted) application process.

Retail Loan Application Back-Office

The Retail Loan Application - BackOffice is a business component created with the purpose of giving bank operators a full view of the number of recorded applications.