View Insured Objects

The system has the ability to save relevant data for each object covered by a policy, linked to a masterpolicy or stand alone.

The relevant data that combined can uniquely identify an object with its specific characteristics used to drive the correct price for the coverages offered for the pet’s protection, represents the Insured Object Insurance Products.


The Insured Object saved when a policy will be issued is the same as the insured object structure used in the Q&B journey.

An example of a pet insurance policy is given below. The policy presents the following sections:

  • The Policy Details section:

  • The Policy Holder section:

  • The Insured section:

  • The Beneficiary section:

  • The Policy Coverage section. The Card Name field displays what package is covered through the policy:

  • The Policy Premium Amount section:

  • The Payments Schedule section:

  • The Invoices List section:

At the bottom of the policy you can find the Issue MTA and Cancel Policy buttons. When clicked, the MTA, respectively the policy cancellation journeys are initiated.

Once you save an insurance policy (linked to a Masterpolicy or stand alone), the Insured Object tab is displayed, which contains both pet details and the insured's address, as shown below in a pet insurance policy.