Calling the Solution within a Journey

This journey is meant to be integrated with an existing e-commerce website, therefore, you need to call it. APIs are used to achieve this integration. We recommend using Postman to call all the endpoints from this solution in the exact order they are written in the client script library FTOS_EC_ShoppingCartLoader:

  1. FTOS_BNPL_GetRiskLevel
  2. FTOS_EC_CreateOrder
  3. FTOS_BNPL_GetMerchantBankAccount
  4. FTOS_BNPL_AddBNPLApplication
  5. FTOS_BNPL_UpdateBNPLApplication
  6. FTOS_BNPL_GetBNPLApplicationLink
  7. FTOS_EC_GetUserShoppingCart
  8. FTOS_EC_UpdateCartItemQuantity
  9. FTOS_EC_UpdateCartItemQuantity
  10. FTOS_BNPL_CalcScoringAndLimit
  11. FTOS_BNPL_GetAvailableProducts
  12. FTOS_BNPL_SimulateOfferSummary.