Configuring the Banking Products

This processor creates and maintains products that are used in FintechOS form driven flows and later in digital journeys. To visualize and to administer them, access the dedicated menu for Product Factory within the Innovation Studio. The custom products are included in the solution with pre-loaded filters and ranking systems. They are a great place to start, but if for some reason you need further configurations, you have limitless possibilities to modify, extend or define new custom offerings for your customers. ‚ÄčIt offers configurations such as product dimensions for commissions, interests, and product filters to navigate through the list of products created based on a filtering scope. The Buy Now, Pay Later journey has the products:

Product Name Class Subclass Category
BNPL Buy Now Pay Later N/A N/A N/A
BNPL3X Buy Now Pay Later 3X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL4X Buy Now Pay Later 4X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL5X Buy Now Pay Later 5X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL6X Buy Now Pay Later 6X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL7X Buy Now Pay Later 7X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL8X Buy Now Pay Later 8X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL9X Buy Now Pay Later 9X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL10X Buy Now Pay Later 10X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL11X Buy Now Pay Later 11X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL12X Buy Now Pay Later 12X Retail Loan Installment
BNPL30D Buy Now Pay Later - 30 Days Retail Loan Installment
  1. Log into Innovation Studio in developer mode.
  2. Click the main menu icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. In the main menu, click Product Factory.
  4. Click Banking Products to open the Banking Products List page.