Connectors are simple data point connections to external Saas providers, that are used to enrich internal customer data to help in onboarding and risk decision scenarios. API Connectors gather data from a collection of REST APIs with the purpose of merging them into a cloud-based data storage system. This process gives the possibility of filtering and transforming data into a proper format or structure for the purposes of querying and analysis.

FintechOS offers the possibility of accessing different databases with the purpose of moving around specific data using API connectors. They can be used but are not limited to banking or insurance business scenarios, such as different types of insurances, customer identity verification in a loan origination operation, automatically fill-in data, data verification, and so on. In addition, connectors can have a significant role in insurance scenarios by providing easy access to databases where the needed information is stored.

Siwalu Software GmbH is an AI-based image recognition application that allows pet owners to easily predict their pet's breed based on a picture. The data returned has a 90% confidence score.

The FintechOS Siwalu Connector aids financial institutions by accelerating insurance policy creation. Once integrated in a digital journey, the API connector can be used to search and retrieve the following data:

  • Breed prediction and name

  • Different types of pet species

For the moment, the Siwalu Connector can be used to predict cat, dog, and horse breeds.

When accessed from a digital journey, the Siwalu Connector allows insurance companies to verify pet breeds. It can be further enhanced using Innovation Studio adapting it to business requirements. The result is a fully functional and personalized searching tool that collects the needed information in a few steps.

The Siwalu Connector can be used by customers from all regions: Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific.

Business Pain Points

The Siwalu Connector is aimed at resolving some of the pain points when looking up certain pet data:

  • searching for a pet's exact breed is time consuming

  • requires verified and updated information

  • manually inputting the pet's details (breed type, pet type, and so on) takes time and human errors may occur

Key Features

Once integrated in a digital journey, the Siwalu Connector solves these pain points by offering a simple way to collect the needed data.

  • The pet's details are valid and up-to-date.

  • Easy to use. It can be added to a digital journey to simplify the search and retrieve pet data.

  • Time-efficient. The data no longer needs to be added manually.