Sendinblue Email Provider

Sendinblue is an email provider which you can integrate with FintechOS to create and send transactional emails, such as newsletters and release announcements, "triggered" emails such as order confirmations, password resets, confirmation messages, and more.


Multi Account:

  • used with shared IP for each sub-account

  • there will be a master account that give the possibility to create the sub-accounts. Practically, the Master Account(1 fintechOs account) is used to create sub-accounts(for each fintechOS' client). Each sub-accounts is a completely independent entity with fully rights.


Get API Key

Each sub-account has an API KEY. It is possible to create as many API KEY as we want on each sub-account, without limitation. FintechOS configures 3 API-Key per each sub-account (TEST, UAT, PRD).

Domain and IP

Sub-accounts can be configured on shared IPs. This is configured by CSM team based on performances. The IP is configured and pointed it to the domain and then configured the sender.

If needed, a subdomain can be added to the Sendinblue functionality. For example:
  • sender address:
  • domain signiture (DKIM):

Each sub-account can have as many senders as need as long as they belong to the defined domain. In case of share IP, the sub-account does not need to be pointed to the domain.

Sub-accounts are created from the master account, each sub-account can have different plan.


The dashboard for monitoring the service displays the transactional activities available in the corresponding account.

The status of sending and the logs are available real time. You are always in control of the reporting by being able to filter per logs, tags (transactional), sender (transactional), as well as set limits per account.


Available via interface(UI) and API.

Statistics can filter per sender, tag, and are displays all the logs. Each log has all the history of the e-mails. It is not possible to filter by API key.


Webhooks are sent by Sendinblue each time an event occurs on the email message sent to the client. These events can be:

  • request - Triggered once the e-mail is sent

  • click - Triggered when user clicks in the e-mail

  • opened - Triggered each time the user opens the e-mal

  • unique_opened - Triggered when the user opens the e-mail for the first time

  • delivered - Triggered when the e-mail is received by the user

  • deferred

  • soft_bounce -> If there was something wrong sending the e-mail. Will retry 3 times.

  • complaint

  • hard_bounced

  • invalid_email

  • blocked

  • error

  • unsubscribed

These statuses, alongside all the original request data can be found in the Url attribute in MessageEvent list for the given Message Queue. In order to update the status of the message in FTOS_DPA_MessageQueue, we create a mapping to the existing statuses in Fintech.