Installing Omnichannel Campaigns 22.1.0000

This page contains the installation steps for v22.1.0000. If you need to install the Omnichannel Campaigns v22.1.0003, follow the instructions on this page.

Follow the steps described below to perform an automatic installation of the Omnichannel Campaigns. This is a process of running install_SysPack.bat files on your environment.

You must run the script on the machine where Innovation Studio is installed.
Make sure you have access rights to Studio's database.


In order to install Omnichannel Campaigns 22.1.0000, the following needs to be installed first:

  • Innovation Studio minimum version v22.1

  • Standard SysPack minimum version v22.1.0000

  • FTOS.Foundation - Project

Pre-Installation Checklist

The SysPack has a unique constrain on the following entities: FTOS_MKT_AudienceSegments, FTOS_MKT_Audience.
If you have already moved data using the Configuration Data Deployment Package menu, then you probably have already configured some unique constraints.

Before running the script, make sure you:

  1. Disable the constraints that you have created on your environment, allowing the system to create the new one after Omnichannel Campaigns 22.1.0000 is imported.

  2. Use the new Configuration Data Definitions imported with the Omnichannel Campaigns 22.1.0000 file when you export the data.

Installation Steps

Make sure you have the SysPacks v.22.1.0000 installed on your system. To do so:

  1. Using a web browser, log in to your FintechOS Community account.
  2. Select the Relese Hub.
  3. Open the FintechOS 22.R2 release.
  4. Open the HPFI folder.
  5. Download the SySDigitalSolutionPackages archive.
  6. Unzip the archive and follow the instructions in the How to install FintechOS SysPacks v21.2.2000.pdf file to install the SysPacks.