The evolved customers bounce between channels (mobile devices, laptops, etc) throughout the buying journey, so marketers need to ensure that no matter which channel the customers use, the message will be seamless- customers will receive the same experience and messaging through each and every channel.

Omnichannel campaigns has the customer at the core to ensure a unified experience at every touch point in the buying journey, fostering an effortless buying experience for customers.

The Omnichannel Campaigns automation processor empowers you with the ability to create effective and user-tailored ways of interacting with the customer. Using this automation processor, you can automate completely personalized campaigns, populate unique emails for each individual, ensuring a personalized communication with your customers based on their needs,

This is done in a cost-effective manner, and through the modular design of the FintechOS platform ensures both encapsulation and integration. You can easily change how interaction with a certain audience is done via campaigns, seasons and marketing tools.

Omnichannel Campaigns Features

  • Uniquely identify the members of imported audience lists
  • Anti-spam functionality, with options to skip or delay message on bank days or after previous communication
  • Staged campaign execution, with distribution variations on channel, content template and A/B Control Group
  • Redirecting messaging to campaign controlling group
  • Advanced recurrence settings per stage
  • Previewing scheduled activities and exceptions (exceeded length, no data available for token, etc.)
  • Approval workflow to manage campaign authoring
  • Previewing and exporting execution plan and campaign activities, logs and A/B variation counters for each run


  • Loan applications
  • Quote applications
  • Mortgage processing

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