Mapping Formulas

This functionality allows the user to create data mappings for two types of flows - either Policy Admin or Quote and Bind. For both flows, the functionality covers the mapping process between insurance formulas (for premium calculation or underwriting) and insurance products, or product items (coverages).

In short, when clicking either the Map Policy Data or the Map Quote&Bind Data button, on UI, the user selects a master entity. This way, the user gets access to use the values of the selected entity's attributes as formula keys inputs, to obtain a certain output.

Mapping data is a mandatory step in order for the system to know from where to fetch the product data necessary for the formula engine to run.

User Journey

On Demand Scripts

Scripts For Product Formulas

Scripts For Product Items Formulas


The FTOS_IP_FormulaDataMapping_CheckExisting endpoint calls the FTOS_IP_FormulaDataMapping_CheckExisting on demand script to check if there is a data mapping of the same type already added on an insurance formula.

Server Side Library


This library contains methods that perform actions on the entities storing the formulas used by the Insurance Product Factory solution. The methods are split in two objects, which cover the link between the data mappings and the insurance formula-related entities (shortly described on the Insurance Formulas page), as follows: