Defining Premium Splits

There are cases when an insurance product has multiple product items (coverages) and the insurer needs to establish a premium amount per each coverage. When the tariff type is set to Per Product, this is done by using the Premium Coverage Split functionality. Thus, the insurer can set the split (the percentage from the total premium amount) that the tariff formula will use in order to calculate the premium amount per each coverage included in the product.

Read below about the flows, libraries, and scripts used by this functionality.

User Journey

Business Workflow Configuration Actions

Server Side Library


From this library, the following functions are used:

  • getSplitDetails,

  • getCoverageSplitDetails,

  • getProductDetails,

  • getInsuranceProductItemDetailsVersioned,

  • getInsuranceProductItemDetails,

  • getProductFormula.

For more details, see them described, inside the same library, on the Attach Business Formulas page.