Test Calculations

With FintechOS technology, you can create your own insurance formulas, process data for modeling and interpretation, and cast advanced pricing models. The Business Formulas solution, for example, allows you to design formulas that can be attached to different calculating targets (e.g. product pricing/ steps in underwriting flows), and, by doing so, reduce the completion time for those calculations. Moreover, the solution has also a testing feature that allows you to test the formulas you design, before activating them.

The Test Calculations tab allows you to:

  • perform the calculations according to the Tariff Type and Underwriting Type, set for the specified per product, or product item (coverage);

  • test the pricing and underwriting formulas attached to your product, or coverages;

  • see the results you get with different Testing Scenarios;

  • save the tests you consider relevant, for further processing;

  • perform and store unlimited numbers of tests.

Only one formula can be attached to a specified product, or coverage, at a time.