Configuring Insured Object Types

General process description: Inside the Insured Object Types section, the user can create a new object, and configure its dimensions. Inside the dimensions grid, the user can change the order index of the grid items.

The addressId dimension is added by default, for every object.

Read below about the entities, endpoints, scripts and libraries used for implementing this functionality.

Entity FTOS_IP_InsuredObjectType

This entity stores data about the insured object types.

Entity FTOS_IP_InsuredObjectTypeDimension

This entity stores data about the insured object types dimensions.

Entity Attribute

A new view was developed on the FintechOS Attribute entity. The filterByEntitytId view displays all the attributes from a specific entity, based on the entity’s Id.

For more details - such as an entity's Data Model, Data Events, Data Referencing, Data API, Unique Constrains, and more, go to Innovation Studio > Data Model Explorer > Business Entities List and check the entity's description. For an overview about how FTOS entities are described, consult the Data Model Explorer documentation.


Server Side On-demand Scripts

Server Side Libraries

1. FTOS_IP_InsuredObjectType_Operations

This server side script library stores methods for various actions that a user can perform on an insured object type. These methods were divided in two main classes to keep the functionalities on the insured object type separate from the ones on the insured object type dimension.

2. FTOS_IP_InsuredObjectType_Clone

This server side script library stores a class of methods that deal with cloning an insured object type.