Businesses gather big amounts of information about customers’ life-cycle and online behavior. Therefore, the way the data is used for driving personalized customer experiences across the buying journey is important for achieving hyper-personalization.

A hyper-personalized consumer experience can only exist in a specific context, and that is the customer profiling. For example, a hyper-personalized consumer experience can analyze contextual data such as: the device used, the location from where the device is accessed, the time of the day when the user is most active, and so on.

Marketers must focus on driving omni-channel one-to-one communication with customers as every customer is an individual with specific needs and expectations for the products and services they choose to buy.

The Hyper-Personalization Automation processor allows you to create personalized content and business-tailored segments of audience (customer personas) to further create effective campaigns and more meaningful interactions with customers, thus ensuring customer loyalty.

Hyper-Personalization Automation Features

  • Tailor content that fits each and every customer’s wants and needs;

  • Define customer personas;
  • Define audiences to use personalized content in omni-channel campaigns.


  • Loan applications
  • Quote applications
  • Mortgage processing.