Creating Customer Personas

Customer personas help businesses understand and empathize with their customers so they can acquire more customers, serve them based on their needs and drive their loyalty.

To create a customer persona, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Customer Persona configuration page

  1. In FintechOS Studio, click the main menu icon () at the top left corner.
  2. In the main menu, click Hyper-Personalization > Customer Personas. The Audience Segments List page opens.
  3. Click the Insert button () at the top right corner of the page. The customer persona digital journey appears.

Step 2. Define customer persona

By default, the customer persona digital journey displays the Define step.

  1. Type the Name of the customer persona. Provide a descriptive name for the customer persona so that you can easily identify the target group at a first glance.
  2. Click the Save and reload button at the top right corner of the page to save the record.

Step 3. Define audience segments

You can use an audience segment for various audiences. This way you will define a set of conditions once and you will be able to use it in different combinations when defining an audience. Repetitive conditions are easy to use in segmentation, once you created a segment you can simply re-use it anytime later.

The most common use case is the audience segment covering the set of conditions for minimum eligibility criteria, that you have to add to all your campaigns. For example, customers with age between 24 – 73, that have Marketing Acceptance, that are not deceased, that have a mobile phone, etc.

Create simple segments that can be easily combined in various digital audiences later on.

To define an audience segment, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Segment Expression step.
  2. Set conditions to get specific records for specific entity (entities). For more information, see Get Records for Entity.
  3. Define aggregate data to use as token or to add new conditions to filter the data set. For more information, see Define Aggregate Data
  4. Set the tokens that will be used in communication templates. For more information, see Set Tokens for Personalized Content.

Customer Personas Examples